Cassette Changing Systems

For shorter turnover and downtimes

The leveling roll diameter decisively determines the products that can be processed on a leveler. A good leveling result can only be achieved if the leveling roll diameter fits the product. By using different leveling roll diameters, the application range of a leveler and thus ist economic efficiency can be considerably extended. The straightening rolls are installed in casettes for this purpose.

With the help of the cassette changing systems developed by SCHNUTZ, it is possible to change the cassettes and thus the leveling rolls in a short time. This means that not only can the leveling roll diameter be adapted to different material thicknesses and yield strenghts, but it is also possible to use different cassettes for processing different materials.

Our levelers can be connected to a variety of different cassette changing systems. The degree of automation of the changing system can also be adapted to your individual needs.