High-precision leveler enables extremely flat sheet metal panels

Recently SCHNUTZ delivered a latest generation machine to an American company in Pennsylvania, which originally only produced screens for separating coal, but now also serves markets such as perforated sheet metal for medical technology, the automotive industry, water and air filtration and architecture.

In order to be able to meet the demand for extremely flat perforated sheet metal even better in the future and also to increase its own productivity, the US company decided on a new leveler. SCHNUTZ levelers are known for being optimised for special applications and therefore differ significantly from conventional levelers.

Among the special features of the leveler is a small footprint, which was made possible by a compactly designed drive section.

Leveling and back-up rolls are installed with their bearings in cassettes that can be removed and replaced as a unit with little effort. This facilitates maintenance, the use of leveling rolls with different diameters and thus an extended range of applications.

The integrated cleaning device on the leveling rolls as well as a special coating to increase the grip of the infeed side leveling rolls contribute to a smooth operation by reducing downtimes and minimizing malfunctions.